Whether, you’re a son, daughter, wife, or friend, there are certainly dads out there who have given you guidance along the way.  For taking you to all those late soccer practices, teaching you how to ride a bike, and for his ability to fix anything, it’s time for you to show your appreciation.  If you haven’t found a gift for that special man in your life, we’re here to give you some last minute ideas.

  1. A tie
    Tacky, yet a classic!  Every man has a collection of his favourite ties, add one to his collection that is bound to spark a conversation in his office.  Bonus points if you can find a tie that matches his hobbies (ie, fishing).
  2. Travel shaving kit
    Keep dad looking fresh while he’s on the road.  Complete with a hair shaving brush, shaving cream, and essential face oils.  Dad can now come back looking just as sharp as the day he left!
  3. Tools
    As mentioned above, dads have an inherent ability to fix anything.  There is something about dads and their need to fix everything and anything.  Is it their parental instincts?  A way to blow off steam?  We’re not sure, but what we do know is that dads need tools to get the job done – and dad can never have enough tools in his garage/basement.
  4. Sports tickets
    There’s nothing more manly than sports.  Take your dad out to the ball game and get him a jumbo hot dog while you’re there.  Enjoy the sun and cheer your heart out with the rest of the dads on this special day.  Note: This gift can double as a gift for you.
  5. Beer/Beer glasses
    Dad – for all that you do, this beer is for you!  Dad’s favourite drink which helps him relax on the weekend or after a long day at work, beer.  Go to the liquor store and pick up a specialty set of craft beers along with matching glasses.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

No matter how you choose to show your thanks, you know that you can always count on dad.  Happy Father’s Day!


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