1. Rediscover your local librarysummerlibrary
    Libraries can be an excellent source of fun for the family which is very easy on the wallet.  Sign your kids up for a reading club and keep track of how many books they can read throughout the summer.  This will expand their minds and give you a great new way to connect with your kids by discussing the stories that they’re reading.  But the library is more than just books; video games, movies, and activities are all available.  Explore the library!
  2. Go for a swim
    Check out your municipality’s website for pools and splash pads that are free and open to the public.  The City of Toronto has a map of all the free pools available in the spring and summer.  Cool off and have fun!
  3. Plant a garden
    This is a great way to get outside and build up a sweat.  Design your dream garden and watch it flourish and throughout the summer.  Most of the hard work is done up front.  Stay patient and keep watering, you will progressively see the fruits of your labour (especially if you plant a fruit/vegetable garden).
  4. Play sports
    Gather a group of friends and get a game going!  Some classics like soccer, football, softball are all great and inexpensive sports which will surely be a great source of fun.  Another cheap and unique alternative is ultimate Frisbee – check it out!
  5. Go on a picnicpicnic
    Save yourself the expense of going out to a restaurant and get the same experience of eating out!  Go to a nearby park and pack enough food for your group.  Be sure to bring a board game or playing cards!

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