It’s that time of year again, both for parents and children – yep, back to school!  This time, though exciting, also brings on additional expenses.  Kids are now getting settled into their classrooms and are preparing for the academic year that awaits them, and as parents, you should also be prepared for the school year ahead.  Here are a few tips to help save a few bucks this years:


1. Shop within the houseBack to school
Before you jump to the stores to buy all school supplies brand new, take a look through your house and let your kids raid the cupboards.  Surely you’ll find old pens, rulers, protractors and many more school supplies.  This should be a sufficient start that will save you from buying supplies that you already own.


2. Pack your own lunches
Your son or daughter may be tempted to frequently buy lunch at the school cafeteria or nearby fast-food restaurants.  Often, the parents are the ones paying for these meals.  Plan ahead, check through grocery store flyers and find deals to pack home made lunches to save money.


3. Follow your favourite school supply stores on social media
As we all know, technology and social media is extremely prevalent today; so why not use it to your advantage?  Find your favourite school supply store, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  Wait until they post sales, and read reviews from other parents about the products which they’ve purchased from these stores.


4. Don’t forget about the dollar store
One of the best all-around places to get school supplies – the dollar store.  From pens and pencils, to paper clips and binders, the dollar store will have all of the basic school supplies as the big box stores, but at a fraction of the price.


5. Shop late
Avoid the rush and high prices in August and early September.  Wait until the second week of school before buying clothes and supplies, that’s when the big sales come around.


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