Inexpensive ways to keep warm this winter

Winter – the evergreens are covered with snow, houses and shops are decorated for the season – truly a beautiful season.  Although, there is one downfall to all of this beauty, and that is the frigid weather.  Staying warm usually comes at a cost, so here are some tips to save money while staying warm this winter.


  1. Add layers
    Don’t be shy to throw on two extra t-shirst underneath your sweater, and possibly a pair of long underwear.  You can still stay stylish on the outside, but ensure that you’re staying warm on the inside!
  2. Cook at home
    Not only will you save money by not eating at restaurants, but the heat generated from the stove will warm up your house.  Bonus tip – keep your oven open after cooking to allow the warm air to heat up the house
  3. Work-out
    Get that body temperature up by doing a simple work-out at home.  Squats, pushups, situps… they’re all great ways to stay warm, and healthy!
  4. Cover up your windows
    Ever notice how you start to feel cooler as you stand near the windows?  That’s because glass is not as well insulated as our standard house walls.  Cover them up with dark curtains.  The curtains add a fine layer of insulation, and the darkness will attract the sun to warm up the house.
  5. Cover your floors
    Nothing worse than having your feet freeze as you step across chilly tiles.  It may be time to invest in an area rug.  Area rugs will help your floors retain heat, and they also act as an insulator between the floor and your home.

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