Don’t over spend on gifts

This time of year, many people feel the pressure to one-up their great Christmas gift-giving spree from last year, causing them to over spend on unnecessary items.  Surely people will appreciate your generosity, but be sure to take a moment to think about if that generosity is worth the size of your January credit card bill.


Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday week

Sales, sales, and more sales!  Even though Black Friday in Canada isn’t as widely celebrated as in USA, this is one of the best times of the year to get discounted items in big box stores, many of which would make great gifts; clothes, laptops, toys, etc.  


Don’t forget about the big Boxing Day sales

If you plan on treating yourself to an even bigger screen TV this year, just wait until Boxing Day.  Electronics stores are famous for having huge discounts after Christmas, so you’ll certainly be able to snag a deal (as long as you don’t mind waiting in line to enter an overly crowded store).


Keep decorations simple

No need to compete with Clark Griswold in finding the biggest Christmas tree, or even a real tree.  A small tree that can be stored away in the basement will do just fine and will save you money in future years.  Avoid any disposable decorations like tinsel.  Also, go ahead and hang lights across your house, but don’t feel the need to draw all the power from your city for the sake of adding a few extra light bulbs, not to mention how much more your energy bill will be.


Avoid impulse purchases

At this time of the year, there are plenty of distractions that will draw you away from only buying what you need.  Don’t get sucked in by those display items that look so cool in the store, but in reality are totally impractical.  Have a plan of what you need to buy, and stick to that plan.


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