charity1Giving to charity is a rewarding experience. Many people enjoy allocating a portion of their earnings to donate to their favorite charities. Others have never been able to afford such donations but would like to contribute in some way to give back to their communities. Well there are ways to do this without spending a penny.

Most charities cannot operate without people to administer them. There are numerous charities, local, national and international to choose from. The majority of charities are non-profit and therefore require volunteers to help facilitate their work. Let’s take a look at some ways a person can contribute without touching their budget.

Donate your Time

Volunteering your time to any organization is one of the best ways to get involved. Not only do you learn about the organization through proper mentorship by other volunteers, you will feel like you have made a considerable difference in achieving the charity’s goals. An added bonus to volunteering is the social aspect that comes with it fostering personal acquaintances that can last a lifetime.

Before committing to any charitable cause, research the organization and its past work to ensure firstly that it is legitimate and secondly that you can relate to it. To find out if a charity is registered in Canada, go to Canada Revenue Agency website.

After selecting a charity, find out how you can volunteer your time. There are different roles that require different skill sets. Some roles require more time dedicated than others. Make sure you understand what is involved with a role before taking it on. If you enjoy personal interaction you may prefer to go door to door collecting donations. Or perhaps you would prefer to participate in a group event like a walk, run or bike ride in order to raise funds for a cause. The ways in which charities are raising funds are becoming more creative and engaging for people to encourage involvement. Do some digging and see what charity is right for you.

Don’t forget donating your time to your child’s school is just as important and can be just as rewarding!

Donate items you don’t need

Do you have some old furniture, appliances, garden tools or clothes you can don’t need? There are many charities that welcome such items and post locations for drop off and pick up. Defer to charities such as the Salvation Army, shelters, churches and local Legions that help distribute to people in need. Don’t forget to inquire about tax receipts for donations where available. Donating items to family, friends and neighbours can also be very rewarding.

Food banks are always looking to stock their shelves and will always graciously accept any food donations. They also take diapers and toilet paper. Next time your grocery store has a sale on an item you normally buy, pick up a few and donate the extras. Remember to check the expiration dates of all items before donating them to any food bank.

Donate your Blood

We all have it, it’s free to give and it’s the most important donation a person can possibly give because it can save a life. Whether you are financially secure or living pay cheque to pay cheque, blood is one thing anyone is free and able to give. Check Canadian Blood Services website to find a blood donor clinic closest to you by visiting As the Canadian Blood Services says, “it’s in you to give”.

Ensuring your family’s needs is met and helping others in times of need is human instinct. Everyone, no matter how financially secure, can help make improve the quality of other people’s lives. No matter how you give back, you’ll feel richer for it!.


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