However you’ve found your way here, whether through a Google search, referral, or social media, there’s a chance that you may in debt.  We’re here to help determine if you’re in debt and if it’s time that you to seek a professional debt relief company.

Here are 4 ways to tell if you have a debt problem:


  1. Avoiding conversations about finances
    This goes for anyone, especially your spouse/partner.  If you keep dodging financial conversations, then you likely are bearing the mental burden of being in debt.  Debt can be embarrassing and is a touchy subject, which is why you may find yourself avoiding this conversation.
  2. Fear of creditors
    Are you afraid to open your mail or answer your phone because you think there’s a creditor looking for money?  This is a true sign that you may have a debt problem.  If you aren’t addressing these collections, then interest will likely pile up and your credit score will be impacted.
  3. Robbing Peter to pay Paul
    Do you find yourself paying off credit cards with other credit cards?  This is very common for debt consumers and will likely lead to an accelerated debt spiral.  Avoid this at all costs.
  4. Digging into your rainy day savings
    Many financial experts advice to have a rainy day fund, for instances such as a lost job, emergency house/car repairs, etc.  When you find yourself digging into rainy day savings and telling yourself that you’ll pay it back, you’re likely causing yourself debt problems.  That rainy day will eventually come, and when it does you’ll be strapped for cash, looking to borrow money.

If you found yourself in any of these situations, it’s time that you give OCCA a call to chat about your debt situation.  One of our debt professionals will help guide you on your way to financial freedom!


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