OCCA Debt Relief Program

OCCA Informal Consumer Proposal

An Informal Consumer Proposal provides the consumer with the necessary tools and services that can help resolve their debt. A budget is made, finances are restructured and negotiations are immediately commenced. The consumer becomes a member of OCCA and is protected from the day they sign up and through the entirety of the negotiating process.

This process is based solely on offering repayment terms to the creditor based on the consumer’s true financial position, ability to repay and a reasonable time frame.

The Benefits of the OCCA Informal Consumer Proposal:

    • Protection and representation of consumer from the first day of membership, including in-house Paralegal services within Ontario, utilization of legal techniques and proven professional negotiation services;
    • Unlimited flexibility in repayment plan that does not involve institutionalized rules or rigid guidelines that may not suit a consumer’s particular needs or budget. Repayment plan can include lump-sum settlement, finite-term plan and unlimited protection due to financial hardship;
    • Payments to creditors are provided directly by the consumer; no consumer’s funds are held in Trust or a joint bank account;
    • The membership is not over until all debts are resolved.

      For more information about what options are best for your debt needs, please call OCCA Consumer Debt Relief to speak to a counselor, toll free 1-855-873-6222 or request a free financial assessment online.

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