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Employers ~ We know you protect your business. Are you protecting your employees as well?

You are a trusted employer to your employees by providing protection in your employee assistance program, but does that include support for financial problems???

The reality is most Canadian find themselves in a financial crisis at some time during their life.

In today’s hazardous economy, a persons financial stability is one of the number one causes of stress. The trap of continually falling behind and making payments on credit cards, loans, or credit lines can weigh heavily on a person.

OCCA Consumer Debt Relief has successfully assisted thousands of Canadian consumers with their debt burdens. We are a registered and licensed independent firm, and are not supported by creditor donations like non-profit credit counseling offices. This allows our counselors the freedom and flexibility to negotiate directly with creditors with only the consumers best interest in mind.

With OCCA Consumer Debt Relief your employees determine how much they can afford. We arrange plans tailored to any financial situation. We provide onsite workshops and seminars focused on educating employees on financial management, as well as how to successfully deal with creditors, collection agencies and solicitors, who make it difficult to find affordable ways to move past overwhelming debt.

The success of any business relies on the competency and stability of its employees.

If an employee is stressed, performance will decline. This could in time reflect on the business overall performance.

Add OCCA Consumer Debt Relief counseling to your existing EAP

Lead your company towards success by providing your employees access to professional and discreet credit counseling services at OCCA Consumer Debt Relief. We will offer your employees a confidential, free financial assessment. If our services are required, we can eliminate interest, reduce amounts owed, and arrange payments they can afford. We also have partnerships with local community resources such as food banks and help centers.

With OCCA Consumer Debt Relief, your employees are never alone.

Ensure your business is protected by protecting your employees. To find out details on how we can tailor an OCCA Consumer Debt Relief EAP for your business, please contact us at 1-866-USE-OCCA.