Employee Assistance Program

Need to boost your business productivity and workplace wellness? In order to maintain a competitive edge your employees must have a healthy work environment and work-life balance. A volatile financial state riddled with debt will jeopardize this balance for employees.

Financial problems can spill over on to your employees work competency. They could lead to:

  • Reduced productivity;
  • Increased costs due to absenteeism;
  • Added administration due to employee earnings garnishment;
  • Increased stress level in the work environment;
  • Decreased staff morale and motivation;
  • Decreased loyalty to the company by affected employees;
  • Decreased ROI to your business;
  • Phone harassment from collection agencies and creditors at the place of employment.

As a trusted employer, you provide your employees with health benefits through an EAP (Employee Assistant Program). By adding OCCA Consumer Debt Relief to your current EAP, your employees will be provided with confidential and professional credit counseling to settle their debt.

With OCCA Consumer Debt Relief your employees determine how much they can afford. We arrange plans tailored to any financial situation. Through your EAP, we provide onsite workshops and seminars focused on educating employees on financial management, as well as how to successfully deal with creditors, collection agencies and solicitors, who make it difficult to find affordable ways to move past overwhelming debt.

A business with happy, motivated employees will improve retention and recruitment, as well as contribute to the overall business profit margin.

Lead your business towards success by including OCCA Consumer Debt Relief’s credit counseling to your EAP.

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