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Canada'sMost Trusted Debt Relief Company for 15 years.

Professional Assistance, from OCCA, will help you take control of your debt situation.

The reality is, most Canadians find themselves in a financial crisis at some time during their life.


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My sincere appreciation to Laurissa, Raul and Preston for your unfailing help and encouragement over the last two years. We could not have done it without your help with the trying and difficult collection agencies and the legal representatives that just didnt want to cooperate. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for helping us to get through this long and ardous process. I highly recommmend OCCA and their great staff for their dedication and unending support in solving our debt problem.
Thanks to you Stephen, receiving (the letter from the creditor) no longer raises my blood pressure or will cause me a sleepless night as it once did; and sadly, too many times! Over the course of the past two years you have been a blessing to me in a number of ways – you most certainly re-assured me when I needed it most, but you also educated me along the way, which of course, helps me to recognize today’s letter as “the last kick at the proverbial cat”.
I am sending you this note to say thank you for what you all did for me. This is my last pay today so say thank you to Steven and Adian.
To all staff at OCCA ~ Thank you for all you do! Not just for me but for everyone you help.
Thank you for taking care of us so well. We do appreciate this so much from all the staff for your good work and kind consideration.
My family and I are so grateful for OCCA and their help in getting us out of debt. At first we were a bit skeptical of using OCCA, since we did not know much about their type of business. The representatives at OCCA explained everything to me and my wife as we went through the process. The staff at OCCA always made time for us and all of our questions. A BIG, BIG Thank you to Stephen for all his amazing support we received. Now we are able to go and buy our dream home.
I must say that the passionate and caring approach by OCCA in particular yourself Danielle in this crucial time in our lives cannot be overstated and with the results achieved it has taken a great weight off my shoulders as far as finances go and I cannot say thank you enough for relieving me of that stress at this time.
I want to thank OCCA for the cooperation I got from staff. My thanks go out to Brittany for her kindness and understanding as well as Monica thanking them for helping me to make things go.
Thank you Stephen for what you are doing for me. I will not forget it. I cannot believe I will be done in 2014 (debt free). That is fast. Thank you to all the staff at OCCA. Thank you!
I want to thank you for your excellent work to achieve a settlement with CIBC/KRMC and guiding me through the process. Your help was much appreciated.
Invaluable Assistance from Members of OCCA! Both my wife, Gerri, and I would like to thank you people at OCCA for the invaluable advice and help you gave to us during our recent financial problems that resulted in us being unable to pay our creditors. This problem could not have happened at a worse time and we could see no way out but your staff members enabled us to survive all the problems being thrown at us by our creditors and their bill collectors by being always there as financial counselors and negotiators on our behalf with creditors. Thank you!


A message from our President, Ed Portelli

Life is complicated, and let’s face it, things happen in our lives that can change our financial situation from in the black to in the red.  Whether it is a divorce, the loss of a job, illness, the loss of a loved one, or just plain inflation, we are all vulnerable from unexpected difficulties.  When you find your debt is taking over your life, it’s time to get some relief.

Canadian Debt-to-Income Ratio

  • 0-100
  • 100-250
  • 250-350
  • 350-450
  • 450+

Source: Ipsos Reid (2014)

Do you Need Debt Relief?

  • Are you retired, on a fixed income or pension, and do not have enough money every month to make your payments?
  • Have your monthly bills increased, due to a divorce or marriage breakdown?
  • Are Collection Agencies or Landlords now calling you, due to missed bill or rent payments?
  • Have you been considering bankruptcy, or so called “Non-Profit Credit Counselling?”

To speak with a counselor please call 1-866-873-6222 for your free financial assessment.

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